Saying Farewell To My Baby:

Back in 2015 I built a website for tracking the results of board games: If you don’t know what it is, you can learn more about it on the About page here.

In building the site I learned so much both technically and in terms of how to build and launch a (100% free, no-advertising, open-source) product from scratch. The experience really sharpened my technical skills with Microsoft Azure, .NET MVC 5, Entity Framework (EF) Code First, REST API development, Test Driven Development (TDD) Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, SEO, and <<insert all the other buzzwords here>>. I also had the help of many awesome contributors who taught me so much along the way. Once again, see that About page for a special thanks to those who helped.

In addition to all of the learning and fun, NemeStats ended up being pretty successful. To-date, there have been nearly 10,000 Gaming Groups created and well over 300,000 games logged. Not too shabby!

Fast-forward 2019: I’ve got three young children and my career has taken an unexpected (but super-exciting!) shift away from pure software development and into Operations. I had been spending less and less time on NemeStats and I had no active contributors to the project. By 2020, I was spending almost no time on the site despite it being at its peak usage. In recent months I have been ignoring support requests entirely, which makes me feel awful. The site also costs money to keep running and there is no income source to fund it (being free with no advertising).

Given my inability to support the site any longer, I would like to offer up full ownership of NemeStats to someone (or some organization) who is willing to take care of it responsibly. If I cannot find a new owner by February 2021, I will plan to shut down the site by March 1st, 2021.

If you are interested, please contact me via email or a direct message on Twitter @jakejgordon or @nemestats.

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